Photoshop Icons


These are high quality printings on 0,5mm magnetic pieces with a waterproof over-laminate surface (0,076mm). The pieces will adhere to any magnetic surface (remember aluminum is not magnetic) including most regular fridges.

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How do you know if you are a Photoshop addict? Well that depends, is the program opened almost 24h in your computer? Do you use it more than anything else? And more important, have you created your own library of brushes, typography, patterns, actions and gradients?

Don’t worry we even have created a magnet pack for them. Because after years of using this program and installing new plug-in, brushes or textures you end up liking the icons that Adobe designed. And what better way to hang up your pictures or menus in your fridge or to simply decorate it tan with the same icons you use every day?

Get with this pack 15 of the most known Photoshop icons, such as tools, filters, plug-in, etc.